Pioneer Foods 2020

Pioneer Foods 2020
Pioneer Foods 2020
Pioneer Foods 2020
Pioneer Foods 2020

Date: 8 Jun 2020

Project Value: N/A

Pioneer Peterborough, Mains Supply Upgrade

Rollins designed, planned and carried out a mains upgrade for one of our long standing clients, Pioneer Foods. Due to ever expanding production needs there was a requirement to upgrade their existing HV & LV electrical supply to meet their demands. Rollins were tasked to design and carry out the following works:

  • Design and plan all electrical and civil upgrade works.
  • Construction of new substation concrete structure.
  • Installation of new substation including new HV RMU and Transformer.
  • Organisation of HV shutdown works for HV cable jointing.
  • Carrying out of all civil works for cable installation using in house plant and operatives.
  • Design, supply and Installation of new 1600A LV mains panel into existing LV switch room.
  • Re-connection of existing factory sub-mains to new LV panel.
  • Organisation and supply of standby diesel generators to maintain factory production at all time during upgrade works.
  • Upgrade of LV small power and lighting within switch room to bring up to current wiring regulations. 

 All above mains changeover works carried out successfully in a 12 hour window maintaining power to the factory for production requirements at all times.